This is a visual book summary of Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker. This book gives you the tools to deprogram your unhelpful wealth programming and create a brand new millionaire mindset.

VISUAL BOOK SUMMARY OF Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind BY T Harv Eker (INFOGRAPHIC)

Book Summary of Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker

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Here are some of my insights from the infographic visual book summary of Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker:

Your Money Blueprint

Each one of us has a money blueprint that determines the level of wealth that we are comfortable subconsciously. It is usually our inner world that creates our outer world so we need to take care of the roots in order to bear good fruits.

Process Of Manifestation

P –> T –> F –> A –> R

Our programming creates our thoughts that create our feelings that lead to action which eventually leads to our results.

We need to change our programming to get the results we desire. There are 3 major ways we have been programmed:

  1. Verbal Programming: Things you heard about money, wealth and rich people growing up. Do they empower you? If not, question this programming and install a new set of empowering beliefs.
  2. Modelling: Monkey see, monkey do. We model the money habits of your parents. Are these useful? If not, question these habits and adopt better habits.
  3. Specific Incidents: Your experiences at a young age about money, wealth and rich people. Are these empowering? If not, question these experiences and change your beliefs.

17 Wealth Files

To be wealthy, you must change your inner wealth files. These are the 17 wealthy mindsets of the rich that you can adopt:

# Poor MindsetRich MindsetActions
1. The poor believe “life happens to me.”The rich believe “I create my life.”Don’t blame, justify or complain.
2. The poor play the money game not to lose. The rich play the money game to WIN. Set your financial goals high. Don’t settle on being comfortable.
3.The poor want to be rich.The rich are committed to becoming rich. Know exactly why you want to be rich. Declare it to a friend.
4. The poor think small.The rich think BIG!How can you use your gifts/talents/skills to solve a big problem or serve more?
5.The poor see obstacles.The rich see opportunities.Take action. View an obstacle as an opportunity. Be grateful.
6.The poor resent the rich and successful.The rich admire the rich and successful.Practice admiring, blessing and loving rich people.
7.The poor associate with unsuccessful or negative people. The rich associate with successful, positive people.Read bios of the rich and successful. Remove negative people and situations from your life.
8.The poor hate to promote their value. The rich promote themselves and their value. Is your service or product worthy? If not, represent something else. Read marketing books and become well-versed.
9.The poor are smaller than their problems.The rich are bigger than their problems. Every problem can be figured out. Focus on what actions can you take?
10. The poor are poor receivers.The rich are excellent receivers.Practice being an excellent receiver. Pamper yourself.
11. The poor choose to get paid based on time. The rich choose to get paid on results. Get employer to pay as per results, at least, in part. Start a part-time business.
12.The poor have an “either/or” mentality.The rich have a “both” mentality.When presented with an either/or opportunity, find ways to have both.
13. The poor focus on working income. The rich focus on net worth.Increase income, savings, investment returns & decrease spending. Track net worth consistently.
14. The poor mismanage their money well.The rich manage their money well.Create different accounts to manage money. 10% each for play, financial freedom, savings for spending, giving and education. 50% on necessities.
15. The poor work hard for their money.The rich make their money work hard for them. Focus on passive income. Learn to invest. Buy real estate.
16.The poor let fear stop them. The rich take action despite the fear.Challenge your fears. Practice living outside comfort zone.
17.The poor have a know-it-all attitude. The rich constantly learn and grow. Every month read a book, attend a seminar or course.

Power Of Declarations

Create your own declaration for each wealth file above. Say it aloud with your hand placed on your heart.

Then point to your head and declare: “I have a millionaire mind.”

What Next?

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