I am Dipankar Gabriel Subba (aka Dips). A believer and follower of Jesus Christ, a lifelong learner, Internet entrepreneur, self-taught programmer, husband and father. I mostly write about what I learn from courses and books. Always growing, I strive for progress not perfection. Read on...

Welcome To Subba.Org

I kept procrastinating about starting a personal blog. I made the usual excuses of too little time and too much effort. But better late than never. I finally got around to register this domain subba.org (awesome theme by P.J. Onori) and can’t wait to set up my email dipankar@subba.org. As if I don’t have too many existing email accounts. Hmmm but to think about it, this domain can serve generations to come. I plan to share the following: My faith. I am Christian and a Jesus follower. Tech tips and tricks. Online entrepreneurship and marketing thoughts. Book reviews and summaries, mostly non-fiction (business books). Sports as well as health and fitness stuff. That’s the essence of how I plan to use my blog but things may change. Nothing is cast in stone. I am often... read more