Adam Ginsberg in Singapore: A Review


Adam Ginsberg in Singapore

For 3 days straight (25-27 July 2014), my wife attended Adam Ginsberg’s seminar in Marina Bay Sands and I joined her on Saturday and Sunday as her guest. Here are my thoughts on Adam Ginsberg‘s eBay and Amazon seminar in Singapore:

Main Teaching: Arbitrage Selling

Adam stressed a lot on the research aspects of finding a good deal using some tools he has created like Auction Optimizer and Spy Rivals and then use his other tools like Template Optimizer to perfect your listings on eBay or IMM to develop an ecommerce website with data populated from Amazon. That’s his seminar in a nutshell.

The basic steps are as follows:

  1. Find a product that is selling well.
  2. Check out its current prices in Amazon and eBay or other sites like Best Buy, Target, Walmart etc…
  3. Put it up for sale on eBay or other sites whichever is appropriate.
  4. Once the customer buys on eBay or other sites then go to Amazon (or wherever it is cheapest) and buy it.
  5. Then ship it to your customer.
  6. Keep the difference.
  7. Rinse and repeat to make more money.

Demos Of The Tools

Adam also did a fairly detailed but quick demos of the tools he has developed over the years:

  1. Template Optimizer: Creates templates for your items on eBay and the argument was that there will be more sales and conversions if your eBay listing stands out.
  2. Auction Optimizer: Optimises your eBay auction listing by telling you the best day and time to list, which keywords to use and the approximate selling price.
  3. Spy Rivals: An research tool.
  4. IMM: Either Internet Money Maker or Internet Money Machine which is a website generator that can generate an ecommerce site by pulling selected data from Amazon. Very easy for beginners but the fact that it is creating duplicate content was not discussed.

Costs of Adam Ginsberg Programs And Software

Adam to his credit is NOT pushy with his sales and the cost in Singapore dollars of his programs and software were as follows:

  1. Template Optimizer: This was given FREE to all attendees.
  2. Auction Optimizer and Spy Rivals: The cost for these two research tools was $4000 for lifetime.
  3. Coaching: A 6 month online group coaching with Adam via webinars was $3000 where all webinars will be recorded and disseminated to the participants.
  4. IMM: Either Internet Money Maker or Internet Money Machine was pitched at $10,000 and there will be a hosting cost for your websites.

The investment range was $3000 to $17,000 and was on the high-end for us.

There you have it, that was the Adam Ginsberg seminar in Singapore in a nutshell.

Disclaimer: I was neither compensated in any way to write this review nor am I affiliated in any way to Adam Ginsberg and his companies. This post is just recap of my experience (others may have had a totally different experience). We (my wife and I) did NOT buy any of the products but we surely learned a lot.

PS: An Internet Marketing course that I wholly recommend is TLB, it is a 7 month course with weekly lessons (28 lessons) and perfect for beginners as well as those who have a full time job currently. It costs US$67 a month for 7 months. If you are keen, click TLB for more details.


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